Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services is committed to providing a safe work place.  This commitment includes establishing the objective of providing a work environment in which the safety and optimum performance of staff is not adversely affected by the use of drugs or alcohol.

In meeting this objective, the following will apply:

  • Drugs and/or alcohol shall not be consumed in the workplace, with exception of alcohol supplied as part of an organised company function and consumed in moderation.  In such cases, driving in breach of drink driving laws will not be tolerated and constitute a breach of this policy.
  • The possession or sale of illicit drugs and the sale of prescription medication on company premises or a worksite under the control of Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services will not be tolerated and constitute a breach of this policy.
  • Employees must notify their supervisor prior to conducting any work where medication is being taken which may impair their ability to perform work duties.
  • To assist in maintaining a drug and alcohol free workplace, any employee, subcontractor or visitor working on company premises will be subject to drug and alcohol testing.

If an employee of Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services approaches the company with an admission of a drug and/or alcohol problem, the Company is committed to seeking professional advice to determine the correct course of action.  This may include, but is not limited to, professional counselling and agreed leave while the employee returns to a fit work status.