Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services believes in providing an injury free workplace for all employees.

Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services will establish and implement injury management and rehabilitation processes for all employees who have sustained a work related illness, injury or impairment.

Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services will:

  • Establish a structured and systematic approach to workplace based injury management services for all employees through the implementation of incident notification and injury management procedures.
  • Develop and encourage the expectation that it is normal practice, following work related illness or injury for persons to return, as soon as practicable, to appropriate employment. This includes providing alternate duties as deemed appropriate by the medical practitioner, in consultation with the injured employee.
  • Establish an injury management system where the usual course of action, when appropriate, is a managed return to gainful employment with the process beginning at the earliest possible time.

As a minimum, Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services will implement injury management processes which are consistent with the relevant workers compensation laws, regulations and code of practice in the applicable state.

An Injury Management Coordinator shall be appointed on behalf of Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services. This role shall oversee the workplace based injury management system.