Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services believe that wise environmental stewardship is founded in the diligent application of proven natural resource management controls and practices for the protection, reclamation and enhancement of the environment.

Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services management practices will continue to fully integrate environmental evaluation, planning and design into its business development strategies.

Therefore, in the best interests of its business, its employees, its stakeholders, and the communities in which it operates, Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services will:

  • Operate in accordance with, or exceed recognised industry standards, and comply with all legal obligations.
  • Promote environmental awareness among its employees, business partners and the communities in which it operates.
  • Establish and maintain a clearly defined environmental management program to guide its operations.
  • Mitigate its environmental impacts and support environmental enhancement programs of common benefit.
  • Provide employees with the authority and resources necessary to carry out its environmental management program.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of its operations to monitor environmental performance and to guide its environmental management program.
  • Work with governmental, civic leaders and stakeholders to develop a mutual understanding of environmental issues.

Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services intends for its operations to provide long term sustainable benefits for the region, ensuring that the local communities share in the benefits while leaving a positive legacy of which Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services and all stakeholders can be proud.