Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services aims to meet its workforce needs through systematic recruitment, selection and career development programmes that identify, attract, select and train the most suitably skilled and experienced applicants and employees.

The overall objective of this policy is to ensure that Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services requirement for human resources is met by the provision of people with the skills, experience, motivation and competencies most likely to yield outstanding performance and for those appointed to benefit from job satisfaction and career development.

The specific aims of this policy are that recruitment and selection within Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services will:

  • Be efficient in using the most cost effective recruitment and selection methods, recruiting externally only when suitable internal candidates are not available
  • Be fair and consistent
  • Be professionally operated and effective in producing suitable candidates
  • Maintain Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services good name by dealing fairly and courteously with all applicants
  • Eliminate discrimination and actively promote equality of opportunity
  • Support Mining Maintenance & Fabrication Services Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Community Relations Policy

This policy applies to both external recruitment and internal transfers and promotions.